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PRACTICE the Eight Limbs

The Yoga Sutras presented by Patanjali outline a plan for living that flows from action to knowledge to liberation. This plan, or path, has eight limbs that give the practitioner the tools to achieve profound peace by merging with the object of contemplation. Over the next few months, we will explore the eight limbs of yoga. 

In August our focus is the Niyama’s or the five moral restraints that concern our relationships with ourselves:

Saucha: cleanliness
Samtosha: contentment
Tapas: heat or spiritual austerities
Svadhyaya: self study
Isvara pranidhana: surrender to god ( or higher power)

WORKSHOPS (please add photo of Nicole attached)

FAYC: Friday Afternoon Yoga Club
Instructor: Nicole Mucciolo
Friday, August 12th at 5:30pm
Please join us for August’s FAYC with a Restorative yoga class taught Nicole Mucciolo. Our lives are consumed with so much activity and stimulation, both as work and as pleasure. We enjoy cycling for miles, hiking to mountain tops and enjoying late nights with loved ones. We perhaps seek out ways to quiet this intensity with excess screen time, alcohol or other patterns that aren't restful but instead further stimulate us. This is an endless cycle that can be detrimental. Instead, let's truly REST. Being supported by props and soothing sounds, you will be lead through a small amount of poses in a slow luxurious pace that will induce a dreamlike state and restore your body, mind and spirit. If you like savasana, then you will love this restorative yoga practice! Join us for a free wine and cheese hour directly after to celebrate your practice. No yoga experience needed.


Thursday, August 11th at noon: Chelsea
Tuesday, August 16th at noon: Nicole
Thursday, August 18th at noon: Tracy
Friday, August 19th at 8am: Tracy

Get to know your teachers: Tracy Long

Tracy is originally from Richmond, Virginia. She has literally spent her whole life drawn to movement. Tracy dove into swimming, gymnastics and ballet at an early age and began synchronized swimming when she was seven. Synchro captivated Tracy. It melded movement, music, friends and breath control into one. Over time it became her one focus, and while it allowed her to travel the world for competitions, it was the deliberate practice and being surrounded by others who shared her passion that Tracy truly enjoyed. After synchro, Tracy started running marathons, and after college, Tracy learned to ski, got certified to teach spinning, and started training for and competing in both on and off road triathlons. She had learned that life without practice was for her, just not focused or motivating. Excessive training led to more injuries than races, and from a friend's suggestion, Tracy first tried yoga in 2000. For three straight months, she did the same Rodney Yee video daily (he has such a dreamy voice) and healed her injuries. For quite a few years, yoga remained a fix-it and was pretty sporadic. But in 2008, Tracy began what has turned into a lifelong journey of studentship. She has become an experienced and caring vinyasa based teacher. And guess what? Yoga melds movement, music, friends and breath control into one!

Tracy first trained with Mindy Arbuckle where she gained a deep respect for the ancient systems of yoga. Committed to her own growth, she spent several years studying with Baron Baptiste. Since 2012, Tracy has been blessed to be mentored by and studying under Shannon Paige: a rich and dynamic teacher, poet, and artist, who inspires her to be creative, thoughtful and entirely in love with the giving and receiving of the practice and teachings of yoga. In 2015, Tracy was drawn to Carmen Curtis' AIReal Yoga program, where she has literally been blown away by this revolutionary therapeutic modality.

Tracy is a versatile teacher, whose BIG LOVE is teaching foundational classes. Each class offering is thoughtfully based on progressive sequencing to ensure that the student experiences a sense of mastery and self-confidence while feeling nurtured and supported throughout the practice. Tracy is convinced that all of the magic, the rasa, the juiciness of yoga resides in the beginner's practice.

Tracy is a 500 hour certified teacher in the School of Embodied Poetics founded by Shannon Paige, and is certified to teach AIReal Yoga founded by Carmen Curtis.



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