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PRACTICE Connecting to nature

I am the breath that moves the wind in the sky,
The body that transforms into earth’s rich soil.
I am the heat that burns in the fire of devotion.
I am the source that makes the rain pour and the river flow.
I am the ethereal space between thoughts, between breaths.
I am the Mother of all Children, the Father of all ages.
I am male and female both together.
I am You in this body.
You are me, in mine.
~Poem by Juile Rapport

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Saturday, June 11th at 5:30pm
Instructor: Margeaux Candlin

Enjoy a fun flowing vinyasa yoga practice taught by Margeaux Candlin accompanied by the live sounds of Ken Carpenter and Earl Hartman. The practice will focus on creating Mudita or a feeling of joy! When we experience joy, we feel expansion and lightness in our bodies. When we are in a state of Mudita, we are joyful not only for our own successes but also for the accomplishments of others. Joy will rise as you practice basic asanas to energetic music. You will also be playing with back bends and inversions allowing you to leave class with a smile and a light heart. Après class share a complimentary glass of wine and a cheesy snack with fellow students, the musicians and your teacher. All levels welcomed.
Members $20 | Non Members $25


Tuesday 8am Level One Yoga will be taught by Libby Maio
Wednesday 4:30pm Restorative Yoga will be taught by Emily Dornan


Tuesday, June 7th at 5:15pm: Lindsea
Thursday, June 9th at 6am: Bronson
Tuesday, June 14th at 5:15pm: Jenny
Wednesday, June 15th at 8am: Jan
Tuesday, June 21st at 5:15pm: Jan
Tuesday, June 28th at 5:15pm: Libby

I am so very excited to be here at the Cascade. I cannot describe fully what this opportunity to teach Yoga means to me but do believe I can show you through the passion and love that I will bring to each and every class I lead.

I have lived in the Vail Valley since 2007. I love this place. It is home to me and every day I feel that I am living my dream!

My formal introduction to Yoga started in December of 2011, just 5-months after a very serious head injury from a skateboard accident. It nearly took my life. I was air lifted to Denver Health on a helicopter. I can’t begin to tell you how well they took care of me. I went through 5-major brain surgeries over 2 ½ years. The first 2 were within 24-hours of the accident. I spent the first few weeks after the accident in an induced coma. This was needed to allow by body time to stabilize and begin healing.

I remember coming out of the coma. There was this light, not the light of the hospital room but a deeper light of understanding, of direction, of comfort, of knowing. It would take time but I knew it would all be ok! Sometimes, it’s the bumps in life that help one refocus on what is important. 

One of the outcomes of the accident was that I connected with Yoga! It’s really, more than that…it was a coming together of many experiences of my life. Living in northern Utah where I learned to snowboard at an early age, learned to love the mountains and being outdoors. It was also having a mom with the connection to the vibration that really drives the world, the universe. It was moving to Delaware as a teenager to reinforce that I belong in the mountains. All these things came together in a way that led me to know that Yoga was for me.

That light I saw coming out of the coma is still with me today. I can’t imagine being in any other place, doing any other thing than connecting with you through Yoga. You are vibrant beings. I love practicing with you at my side, practicing next to me just down dogging it. I love you all. Namaste



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