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GoPro Mountain Games Return to Vail, Colorado June 4

The country's largest celebration of mountain lifestyle, adventure, sports and music, returns when the GoPro Summer Mountain Games come to Vail, June 4-7, 2015.

Over 3,000 professional and amateur outdoor adventure athletes from the Vail Valley and around the world converge on the mountains and rivers of Vail showcasing more than 25 sports, including:

Attracting nearly 53,000 spectators every year for the four day event, the Go-Pro Mountain Games are one of the highlight events of the summer in Vail. In addition to the athletic events, the GoPro Summer Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado include a mountain photography competition, outside adventure film school, film festival, an interactive exhibition and demo area, multiple free concerts, and mountain lifestyle parties.

The GoPro Summer Mountain Games are a project of the Vail Valley Foundation. For lodging and summer rates in Vail, check out Vail Cascade's vacation packages and special hotel deals.  For more information please visit the GoPro Mountain Games website.

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Atwater on Gore Creek in Vail Announces Spring Savings and Earth Day Initiatives

Atwater on Gore Creek, Vail Cascade’s signature creekside restaurant and authentic Colorado grill will take your taste buds on a sensory journey this spring, as you savor creative cuisine paired with an eclectic list of craft beers. Inspired by fresh, local ingredients, dishes come to life with delightful twists and bursts of flavor.

This spring, you can SAVE and SAVOR the flavor of the season in Vail, Colorado. The culinary team at Atwater has designed a 3 course menu for $33 per person that will treat your palate to yummy delights and your pocketbook to 30% savings.  Choose from a variety of starters, entrées and desserts like farmhouse greens or tomato stew, crispy pork shank and triple chocolate cake. After all, edible indulgences always make life better.  The question now is, “What to choose”?

Earth Day at Atwater on Gore Creek and Cascade Village Market Cafe
In celebration of Earth Day and our Destination Earth initiatives, Vail Cascade  is proud to show its support by fostering and celebrating environmental respect, action and behavior changes that lessen our impact on our ever-changing environment. We can all make a difference. 

In our Market Cafe, we will offer half priced coffee and other hot drinks when you bring in your own mug.

Join us for a memorable evening on Wednesday, April 22, as Atwater on Gore Creek turns off the lights and illuminates the restaurant with candles. The candlelight night provides a romantic dinner setting while conserving energy. 10% of our proceeds will be donated to the Walking Mountains Science Center, located in Avon, Colorado. Find out how you can become an environmental steward, conserve energy, recycle & reduce waste.

For dinner reservations at Atwater on Gore Creek, call 970.479.7014 or reserve your table today!

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Spring Specials Are Blooming at Aria Spa in Vail

Springtime is all about "me” time, and Aria Spa is here to help you feel renewed at altitude with our spring spa specials in Vail.  You’ll enjoy spring savings at Aria, ranked as the #1 Spa in Colorado by Condé Nast.

Book any 50-minute (or longer massage, facial or body treatment and receive 30% off*. Book  nail services and save 20%*.  It’s a respite for the body and the pocketbook! 

Call 970-479-5942 to reserve your Colorado spa treatment in Vail at Aria Athletic Club & Spa or check out our day spa packages in Vail.

*This offer is valid through May 31, 2015. Discount not applicable to packages or waxing services. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Some restrictions may apply.

About Aria Spa
At Aria Spa, we are guided by our passion and we know that you come to Vail because you are guided by yours. Whether your passion is inspired by winter, spring, summer or fall, here at the Aria Spa our commitment is to nurture the adventurous soul in you. We intend to bring you the energy that we receive from Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine a year to allow you to feel the balance that we feel in the seasons that envelop us.

At Aria Spa, our passion is the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.
The awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains relax our minds, engage our bodies, and soothe our soul. Our collection of products, services and rituals embrace the powerful nature of science and purity of ingredients to allow you to nourish all three. Every Aria Spa experience has been crafted with a commitment to sustainability, while never sacrificing our passion for your results.

At Aria Spa our passion is people.
In Vail we are surrounded by the rugged and raw beauty of the Rocky Mountains and we encourage our guests and our associates to embrace the unique energy of our setting. We seek to promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, based in nature and strengthened by passion. We believe that in order to progress, you need to stop, recharge and reflect.

We hope to see you soon at Aria Spa!

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Spring - A Time for Renewal at Aria Athletic Club in Vail

Happy April from Vail! As another ski season wraps up in the Rocky Mountains it is time to become the best you can be for your spring and summer activities. We have two months of spring and three months of summer to become our best selves! What does that mean to you? Get in shape? Lose 5 pounds? Run a 10K? This is what it means to me...I’ve been involved in the spa and fitness industry for 31 years. When it comes to working out, I believe in wellness and total body fitness. You not only feel better when you are fit, you are less likely to get hurt or get sick. Total body fitness means just what it says.  It takes the whole person into account and recognizes there is more than one aspect to being fit.  There are five components to achieving total body fitness and learning to incorporate them into your life.

  • Cardiorespiratory Endurance- the efficiency in which the body delivers oxygen and nutrients needed for muscular activity. (Cardiovascular exercise)
  • Muscular Strength- the amount of force a muscle can exert in a single effort. (Weight training)
  • Muscular Endurance- the ability of a muscle to perform repeated movements. (Swimming, biking, running, lifting)
  • Flexibility- ability to move joints through a range of motion. (Yoga, stretching)
  • Body Composition- percentage of body fat in comparison to total body mass. (InBody Composition)

Spring and summer is the time of year to focus on your wellness and to get in shape for all the activities that summer and fall bring to the Vail Valley. Aria Athletic Club has a great spa and fitness center, along with the best therapists, instructors and personal trainers in the Vail Valley! I am confident our fitness staff can help you reach any of your personal fitness goals by creating a custom workout just for you.

Aria Athletic Club is pleased to shine a light on our trainers and members who are inspirations for all of us.  This month, we’d like to recognize:

Member Spotlight : Amy Powell

Amy and her family moved to Vail in August 2014 from State College, PA so her son Apollo could attend the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy. Amy trains at Aria Athletic Club & Spa just about every day of the week and she loves it! She is a competitive body builder competing in the bikini and figure divisions. Amy has been training hard all winter and competed on March 28th 2015 at the NPC Southern USA Battle on the Beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. She placed 1st in the Open Class, 2nd in the over 40 and 4th in the over 30 age divisions!

Amy’s husband and family are very supportive and they inspire her every day to workout hard.  Amy is known at Aria by staff and members for coming in for multiple workouts in a single day. Amy is teaching her children that with hard work and relentless determination that anything is possible. Her son, Apollo has hopes of racing Alpine Skiing in the 2026 Winter Olympics!

When not training in the gym, Amy enjoys snowboarding and wakeboarding. We at Aria Athletic Club & Spa would consider her to be extreme in whatever sport she is involved in…in snowboarding she competed in Big Air, Slopestyle and Halfpipe. She fell in love with wakeboarding and soon competed in the World Wakeboard Championships in 2003 and 2004.

We are happy to have Amy training here at Aria Athletic Club & Spa and we wish her luck in her next competition on July 3rd, 2015 at Team Universe in New Jersey.

Trainer Spotlight: Ryan Moriarty

Ryan Moriarty is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. At Aria Athletic Club & Spa Ryan is a Personal Trainer and Small Group Fitness Instructor. He is FMS, TRX and KettleBell Certified. If you are looking to get in shape, stay in shape or train to be the best in your specific sport. Ryan Moriarty is the Trainer for you. Ryan incorporates a multitude of training techniques to create a challenging and fun environment to help you reach your fitness goals.

Ryan is passionate about all things outdoors. He trains inside to get fit for his outdoor activities. Ryan is a snowboarder and a rock climber who also enjoys both hiking 14'rs and mountaineering in the high country.

Have a great April!

In Health,

Dan Timm
Athletic Club Director
Aria Athletic Club & Spa


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Why You Need a Massage at Vail’s Aria Spa

Who doesn’t love a good massage? Relaxing in Aria Spa’s Sanctuary at Vail Cascade, hanging out in the Jacuzzi or steam room and finishing it all off with a custom massage sounds like what we all could use after this busy ski season. But did you know that there’s much more to massage than just relaxation? Turns out, it’s the missing piece to your health-routine puzzle.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage can help boost physical performance, prevent injury, shorten recovery time and encourage focus. The pressure and movement utilized throughout a massage has a handful of physiological and psychological effects making your workout routine that much more effective.

Massage dilates the blood vessels which in turn promotes circulation and stimulates blood flow back to the heart. The delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissue helps to relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and help you to recover faster. You can expect to feel a better athletic performance after a massage because your relaxed and oxygenated muscles allow for a better range of motion and flexibility.

So what type of massage should you book? As an athlete or someone who frequently exercises, a deep tissue or sports massage is going to be the most beneficial for you. Sports massage is going to involve a faster pace, light stretching and manipulation of the connective tissue. Deep tissue is going to be a very firm pressure to get into knots and tension that the muscles may be holding.

A massage here and there is nice, but just like your workout program, you won’t see the full benefits without consistency. The benefits of massage are cumulative and the more you receive them, the more you will reap their advantages.

Massage can be pricey, especially in this beautiful valley we call home.  But now is the time to book, with Aria’s off-season discounts starting April 9th! Call 970-479-5942 to schedule your massage today! Visit for our spa and fitness specials.

Carly Mietzner
Aria Spa Manager

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Practice Trust at Vail's Aria Yoga Studio

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." - Goethe

Michelle Rymer was chosen by Lindsea Stowe as our student of the month. Michelle is a rededicated yogi and has been practicing consistently since January. In these few months, she has been able to see some of the benefits of yoga with increased mobility in her knee, as well as flexibility. 

Although Michelle has had knee surgery, she does not allow this to limit her practice. She has found specialized yoga knee cushions and modifies when needed. Michelle is a true believer in yoga. After sitting at a desk, she enjoys the opportunity to move around, stretch out and most of all relax. Michelle makes it to about three classes a week and has even managed to convince her husband of 35 years to join her for a class!

Full Moon AcroYoga Series
Instructors Samantha Sunshine and Bronson Killpack

Thanks to mounting curiosity and enthusiasm for AcroYoga in Vail, you can now catch a 2 hour workshop every full moon! Together we experience the delight of anti-gravity stretches and massage, the loosening of stiff joints and the freeing sensation of profound muscle release. The full moon is a time to acknowledge all our accomplishments and to open new doors to your infinite potential. Each workshop contains group yoga, partner flying, Thai massage and something entirely new. No partner or experience is required. Registration preferred walk-ins welcome.

For more information or to sign up please call the Aria Club Desk at 970-476-7400.

Pricing: Members: $30 l Non-Members: $35 l Yoga Teachers: $10
Early Bird Special: Sign up for the entire workshop and receive one free class. $150 for members/$180 for non-members

Monday, May 4th from 7-9pm
Tuesday, June 2nd from 3-5pm
Thursday, July 2nd from 3-5pm
Friday, July 31st from 7-9pm (blue moon)
Saturday, August 29th from 1-3pm

Instructor: Karen Anderson

Join fellow yogis at Aria for an Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. Receive 21 fifteen-minute audio recordings of guided meditations to practice in the comfort of your home.

Suggested donation is $35.

Mindfulness was developed by the Buddha 2550 years ago and is a growing part of our modern culture. The practice of mindfulness has recently been proven to decrease stress and improve physical health. Traditionally, mindfulness has been used to radically transform our relationship with ourselves and others, resulting in peaceful and harmonious living. Mindfulness can be defined as non-judgmental present-time awareness. Frequently we attempt to bypass our current experience-getting busy or dulling our mind-to avoid what might potentially be unpleasant. In doing so, we miss the opportunity to be skillful with such experiences. Mindfulness meditation cultivates the ability to stay with our experience with calm clarity. When we are relaxed and alert to what is happening, we have the opportunity to enjoy and potentially transform our current experience using the full creative spectrum of our minds. This curriculum assumes no previous meditation experience, and is designed to provide a foundation for ongoing mindfulness practice after the 21 days. If you have questions about this program, please email Karen before April 23. Karen will be unavailable in silent meditation retreat from April 24-May 22, and then available to answer your meditation questions by email the week of May 24-May 31.

About Karen
Karen has attended eight 30-day silent meditation retreats in Asia and the US. She is empowered and certified to teach basic meditation by Noah Levine in the lineage of Jack Kornfield. See her full bio at To participate in the 21-Day Meditation Challenge, go to and make your donation. You will receive a confirmation email with a password allowing you access to the page containing the 21 meditations. The meditations will be available for the entire month of May.

Sunday, April 5th at 9am: Linda
Thursday, April 9th at noon: Lindsea
Friday, April 10th at noon: Linda
Sunday, April 12th at 9am: Chelsea
Monday, April 13th at 5:45pm: Nicole
Tuesday, April 14th at 5:15pm: Jan
Monday, April 27th at noon: Elena
Wednesday, April 29th 8am: Geordy
Thursday, April 30th at 8am: Geordy
Thursday, April 30th noon: Tracy
Thursday, April 30th at 5:30pm: Geordy 


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U.S. Paralympians Are Racing to Vail for a RemarkABLE Event

Vail Cascade Resort is proud to host the telecommunications industry’s most RemarkABLE networking and Paralympians fundraising event, April 9-April 12 in Vail, Colorado.

Adaptive Spirit celebrates 20 years of new business opportunities, information sharing and priceless moments of inspiration with this networking event!  Adaptive Spirit is the single largest single source of funding for the US Paralympic Alpine, Nordic, Biathlon and Snowboard teams. This event has grown considerably each year, and attracts an impressive list of cable and telecommunication industry VIPs, multiple sponsors, as well as the world’s best Paralympic athletes. Sponsorships for the event sold out in record time this year!   

Paralympian athletes Keith Gable, Oksana Masters, Mike Schultz, Mike Shea, Andy Soule, Laurie Stephens, Evan Strong, Danelle Umstead, Tyler Walker, and Alumni Sarah Will and Chris Waddell, along with executives from Google, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Disney/ESPN Media Networks, ARRIS, Cisco Systems, HBO, NBC Universal and Ericcson, all meet up in Vail to promote this event and participate in the annual downhill ski race taking place at Golden Peak in Vail on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at noon.

All surplus funds from the Annual Event are directed to U.S. Paralympics to benefit the “RemarkABLE” athleticism and competitive spirit of the U.S. National Paralympic Ski Team. Through donations, the team has the opportunity to remain the top adaptive ski team in the world. Donations are accepted year round outside the Annual Event. If you are interested in donating to this great cause, donate here

For more information about the RemarkABLE Event, visit:

About Vail Cascade Resort

Vail Cascade Resort is Vail’s premier AAA Four Diamond ski-in/ski-out resort. Along the banks of Gore Creek, our Four Diamond mountain retreat features the very best of Colorado. With limitless amenities and services, Vail Cascade provides elevated experiences delivered by a team whose true passion is to serve and share the Colorado they love.  


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Taste of Vail April 8-11

Get your tastebuds ready for a real treat as Vail celebrates the 25th Annual Taste of Vail.  Rated among the top food and wine festivals by USA Today, and the Travel Channel, Taste of Vail is the nation’s premier spring food and wine festival!

American Lamb Cook-off and Apres Ski Tasting: Life beyond Chardonnay & Cabernet April 9 from 3-6pm l Vail Valley l $75

Enjoy one of Vail's favorite spring events. This year the annual Taste of Vail Lamb Cook-Off will joins with the Aprés Ski Tasting to create a true Aprés Ski Party. Sample an array of lamb dishes, courtesy of the Vail Valley's finest chefs and the American Lamb Board. In the theme of "Life Beyond Chardonnay, Cabernet and Merlot" Taste of Vail's participating wineries will be showcasing wines a wide array of varietals that include Reisling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Zinfandel.

Mountain Top Picnic - April 10 from 12-2:30pm l Top of Vail Mountain, access via Eagle-Bahn Express Gondola, Lionshead

At 10,350 feet above sea level, enjoy a spectacular venue while a small army of highly acclaimed Vail Valley chefs prepare a gourmet feast at the Mountain Top Picnic!

The Annual Grand Tasting and Auction April 11 from 6-10pm l The Four Seasons Vail
Experience the premier wine and food tasting of Vail. Taste of Vail's annual decadent and unparalleled wine and culinary spectacle at the Annual Grand Tasting and Auction. This event features all of Taste of Vail's wineries and restaurants. The evening will include Taste of Vail's Auction. 

Vail Cascade’s signature creekside restaurant, Atwater on Gore Creek, is pleased to be a participant at this year’s event. An authentic Colorado Grill, Atwater on Gore Creek’s cuisine is inspired by the region’s bounty using fresh, local ingredients.  Offering seasonal, vegetarian and gluten-free menus, as well as small plates, Atwater on Gore Creek is the perfect place to satisfy any palate. 

For a list of other participating restaurants and to learn more about the Taste of Vail, visit


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