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PRACTICE planting the seed of change.
“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, “grow, grow”.” ~The Talmud

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Reiki Workshop: Spring Energy Cleaning
Instructor: Chelsea Winters
Saturday, May 14thth from 3:30-5:30pm
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Tuesday 6am class will be taught by Bronson Killpack
Thursday 6am class will be taught by Jenny Harrison
Après Ski Deep Stretch class Friday at 4:30pm will be removed from the schedule


Friday, May 6th at 8am: Tracy
Friday, May 6th at noon: Aislinn
Friday, May 6th at 5:30pm: Tracy
Thursday May 12th at 5:30pm: Chelsea
Friday, May 13th at 8am: Chelsea
Friday, May 13th at 5:30pm: Lee
Sunday, May 15th at 9am: Elena
Monday, May 16th at 5:45pm: Lee
Thursday, May 19th at 5:30pm: Nicola
Friday, May 20th at 5:30pm: Jenny
Sunday, May 22nd at 9am: Jenny
Sunday, May 22nd at 5pm: Elena
Monday, May 23rd at 5:45pm: Jenny
Thursday May 26th at 5:30pm: Linda
Saturday, May 28th at 8:30: Tracy
Sunday, May 29th at 5pm: Margeaux

Get to know your teachers: Emily Dorman
Emily grew up as a ballerina and discovered Yoga while in high school at a dance intensive. After graduating high school, she decided to stop dancing and pursue Yoga as her "creative movement" element in life.

After completing her first instructor certification, Emily began teaching and managing studios full time, pursuing wellness as a career. It's a true passion and joy for her to teach!

Emily is married to her fabulous husband, Grant. They enjoy cycling, hiking, reading and every adventure life has to offer! Her current goal is to get two dogs...preferably one Bernese Mountain dog and one Old English Sheepdog.


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