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PRACTICE the Eight Limbs
The Yoga Sutras presented by Patanjali outline a plan for living that flows from action to knowledge to liberation. This plan, or path, has eight limbs that give the practitioner the tools to achieve profound peace by merging with the object of contemplation. Over the next few months we will explore the eight limbs of yoga.

In July our focus is the Yamas or the five moral restraints that concern our relationships with others:

Ahimsa: nonviolence
Satya: truthfulness
Asteya: nonstealing
Brahmacharya: continence or self restraint
Aparigraha: noncovetousness


FAYC: Friday Afternoon Yoga Club
Instructor: Jenny Harrison
Friday, July 8th at 5:30pm
Please join us for July’s FAYC with an upbeat fun power flow yoga class with Jenny Harrison. The theme will focus on “being a yes”! Being a yes creates willingness, action, possibility, acceptance and expansion. It can help you deepen your practice as well as help you create what you want for your life. When you are a “yes” for something you are automatically a “no” for something else. Learn how to be a “no” for what no longer serves you. Come celebrate with us what you are about and learn how to change resistance to yes! We will have wine and snacks by the pool or lobby after class. All levels welcome.

Tracy Long will resume teaching her Tuesday 8 am Level One yoga class.

Friday, July 1st at 5:30pm: Libby
Sunday, July 3rd at 9am: Bronson
Friday July 8th at 8am: Libby
Friday, July 8th at 5:30pm FAYC: Jenny
Sunday, July 10th at 9am: Bronson
Saturday, July 16th 8:30am: Lee
Sunday, July 17th at 9am: Jenny
Sunday, July 17th 5pm: Lindsea
Monday, July 18th at 5:45pm: Jenny
Sunday, July 24th 5-6:30pm: Elena


Jan has lived in Vail for 33 years and has run her own practice of acupuncture for nearly 15 years. Jan has enjoyed yoga since 1994, starting her path in San Diego with a Richard Freeman a master in the Ashtanga tradition. Currently Jan teaches an athletic style yoga class at 8am on Wednesdays at the Aria helping students cross train for any sport. Jan also teaches flexibility to golfers at the Vail Golf Club in the summers. On her free time she enjoys anything outdoors, skiing, biking, golfing, hiking, and beach activities.

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